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Boom Tube
Boom Tube

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Boom Tube

BOOM TUBE is a unique, portable aid to controlling pests by using banger ropes in a more efficient manner.

Simply carry your Boom Tube to your desired location and by using the integrated double ground spikes, firmly push with your foot into the ground until the Boom Tube is stable.

Remove the lid and attach your rope banger to the fitted hook.

Light the rope banger fuse and feed into the tube and secure the lid.

Key features of BOOM TUBE:

- Simple yet effective design means no more hanging ropes from trees or fences

- Wind and rain protection ensures an even burn

- Lockable cover prevents any tampering

- Less likely to be stolen or damaged than traditional gas bangers

- Easy to store, handle, install or move (1.6m long/ 8kg)

- UK designed and manufactured

- Bright red powder coated paintwork easily stands out against a yellow rape field

- Operates using standard 1m banger ropes

- The bottom mesh/grill catches any burnt residue therefore reducing the risk of fire spreading

All wearing parts are non-OEM parts supplied by MDT to fit as indicated and are not sold as genuine parts

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